The Queen Evelyn line is a refreshing reboot to any day. Inspired by the summer days spent at my Granie’s house when the days were hot, the streets were busy, and family was all around. My aunt telling me and the rest of the kids in the house to “run down to Ms. Evelyn’s house and grab some lemons off the tree.” This action was usually followed by protesting and pouting but a few moments later every child had a plastic bag in hand. Freshly picked lemons often turned into fresh squeezed lemonade, accompanied by mint leaves from the garden. Ms. Evelyn gave us lemons, we created memories.


Produced from the summers spent in the hot Mississippi sun visiting family. Love tap is about feeling the love without all the extra. Gentle pats of love being told it was a “love tap”. Not being able to wear too much-scented things because of mosquitos. And all the other “fun” Mississippi bugs. Love Tap is for the Queens who are sensitive to smell. The Queens whose skin may be a little sensitive to other things. Or, for the Queens who just like to feel the love without all the extra and keep it simple. Contains all the love of our other body buerres without the extra scent.


Named after our owner Ciera Nzingha, also known as, the Queen who never wants to let summer go. The glow oil is for the Queens who want to literally glow all year, Whether you want to glow a little or be a golden disco ball we’ve got you covered. Perfect addition to a summertime dip or everyday life. Also, it’s fun to shake the bottle.