Our Story


Queens World Co. was founded in December 2017 by Ciera Nzingha. As a child Ciera always loved mixing together different household products whether it was various conditioners, lotions, or some random mix that no one knew what it was but it worked. Even though countless times she was approached with a " what's that you're putting on your face" or " that doesn't belong in your hair" she was determined to create while pampering.She has always had a princess mindset and as she has grown into a queen she continues on her journey to help others recognize the royalty in them. She firmly believes that you are a queen, this is your world, and you should treat your skin like it


Wear Your Crown How You See Fit…


Our Mission

The CO. is for community. Queen's World strives to create a community that women (and men) can turn to in order to heal. We believe that everyone has royalty inside of them. Our products are created to heal externally all while helping to build confidence to heal internally. We strive to create opportunity for growth and provide an avenue for everyone to tap into their inner royalty.